Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Blacksburg, VA
Zachary Mackey Lab                                                                                  December 2016-Present
Focus: Previous studies have shown that Trypanosoma brucei, an African kinetoplastid parasite, uses a homolog of the Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) and extracellular-signal regulated kinase 8 (ERK8). However, the remainder of the replisome is less characterized. Our goal is to demonstrate a more comprehensive view of the T. brucei replisome to identify potential therapeutic targets.
Meetings: 5th Annual North Carolina Biosciences Collaborative Symposium (attended), 5th Annual Cell Biology of Eukaryotic Pathogens (CBEP) meeting (poster)


Virginia Wesleyan University, Virginia Beach, VA
Independent Research Study                                                              Summer 2015-Spring 2016
Title: Presence and extraction of antibacterial substance from Cinachyra alloclada
Lead independent research into potential antibacterial or antifungal capabilities of the common sponge species Cinachyra alloclada where extracts exhibited antibacterial capabilities against Gram-positive and Gram negative strains though several extraction procedures. Furthermore, the activity observed was isolated and identified as a single substance through IR Spectroscopy, Hydrogen NMR, and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy.
Meetings: Virginia Wesleyan Undergraduate Research Symposium (presentation), Spring 2016 American Chemical Society National Expo and Meeting (poster)