Selected Works

General Biochemistry II Pretest
This pretest was designed for use in BCHM 4116, which is the second part of general biochemistry for majors in the Department of Biochemistry at Virginia Tech. This is a junior/senior level course that explores the biochemical basis of information exchange between DNA, RNA, proteins, and signaling molecules within the cell. The goals of this pretest was to first identify students that were missing the basic understanding required to pass the course to guide extra assistance during the semester, and to ensure that any senior taking the course would have the assistance necessary to ensure they passed the course to graduate on time.

Essay on Teaching Models in Higher Education
This essay was written as part of the GRAD 5104: Preparing the Future Professoriate class taken at Virginia Tech. The purpose of this class is to provide graduate students with an understanding of the professoriate and specific issues facing higher education. Topics explored include: faculty roles and responsibilities, changing demographics and nature of the students/learners, impact of technology upon higher education, diversity and inclusiveness, paradigm shifts in the academy, ethical issues and professional standards, global perspectives on higher education, and external forces influencing the university. This essay is an exploration of teaching models in higher education comparatively, and how those models relate to potential teaching styles.